My name is Rénon Tanner and I specialize in combining imagination with technology to develop amazing creations that leave a lasting impression.

When designing these creations my programs of choice are Illustrator and Photoshop for most of my print creations, Flash, After Effects and Adobe Animator, for animation and Sony Vegas for video editing. I put my heart and soul into each digital creation and am always elated when I find or learn a new technique that increases my ability to work efficiently while designing. I believe you should never stop learning.

I am an art and animation enthusiast, who from my earliest memories has been obsessed with how color, images, and movement can affect emotion and communication. I believe that it makes no difference whether design is viewed in print or digitally it is still and predominantly the work of a designer or design team for a discriminating audience, a beautiful and hopefully expressive presentation of ideas, words, and images that are prepared all to give the viewer a user experience that will cause an emotional response, inspire imagination and envelop our past and present ideas.

It is my opinion that entertainment, in all its forms, is generally how we spend our free moments. Art is where we find out more about our inner selves. Entertainment frees our minds from the daily grind, calming and relieving the human spirit.

My whole life, I’ve been engrossed with stories and how they’re told. I spent much of my time as a child imagining stories and dreaming up the visuals that went along with them in my mind. From art, animation, illustration, and design, to music and poetry, my life is captivated by the idea that the human experience can be recorded, transposed and transcended through personal creativity.

My design strives to combine those ideas through digital conceptions. I feel so fortunate to be involved in a career where aspiring individuals can envelop themselves in the colorful world that is art and design.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to talk about your creative vision.


Rénon Tanner